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You see more and more underground waste containers appear. They are more hygienic and provide a cleaner streetscape. Local residents can use the container by unlocking the container with the use of a pass or tag, then the household waste can be thrown into the container.


The current system allows for false openings, ie the lock can be bypassed when being forced. A mechanical solution must be found for this, so that the lock is reliable. The current lock also suffered from leakages in the cuff. This sometimes gets between parts, causing it to be perforated and having to be replaced.


The container lock has received a number of optimizations. Instead of using a pen, a POM block has been designed in the housing. This block has a wider contact surface so that the forces are absorbed and the housing does not deform. The block also ensures fewer false transactions. If the electricity is unexpectedly cut off, for example due to a power failure, the lock can still be opened mechanically.

To prevent water leakage in the mechanism, a cuff closure has been used. This makes the lock waterproof.


The lock can be mounted through the slots in the container by means of two bolts and nuts. With a few minor adjustments, New Waste's underground containers have become safer, more reliable and easier to use.

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