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The Micro 2020 vertical screen.

It was time for an update of the vertical ZIP screens from Lewens. These screens keep out wind and low sun on the terrace and in the garden, but can also be mounted inside of window frames.


Design a ZIP-based vertical screen that can be clicked under or behind the other Lewens products with the smallest possible cassette. Compared to the existing Lewens screens, this new variant had to be smaller and more compact. It was also required that the screens could be placed in other situations, such as niche mounting or to another existing system.


By using specially designed connection profiles, the Micro 2020 can be clicked under or behind the rain gutter of existing Lewens glass roofs. This makes installation very easy and fast. The design of the cassette is minimal and fits in nicely with the other Lewens products.

Regardless of the dimensions of the canvas or the size of the construction; the Micro 2020 is always installed with the same size cassette. This is unique; most vertical screens require a larger cassette for greater constructions to prevent deflection of the profile.

It is also an option to install a solar cell on the cassette. There is space inside the profile for the battery so that it's nicely concealed. With this add-in the entire system can operate on solar energy.


Sun and privacy screen in XXL format: The Micro 2020 has been specially developed for large window areas and passageways in glass roofs and verandas. The Micro 2020 is available in 17 different RAL colors and with any possible colored or printed screen.

A modular product with a stylish finish.

Award winning design

In 2021 we won the iF Design Award with the Micro 2020. The iF Design Award stands for outstanding design and its relevance to business and is one of the most important quality labels in the world. The product can be set up within 4 minutes and, thanks to its modular design, is available in all kinds of different sizes. As a result, we scored high on functionality and differentiation. For more information about the award, view the website of the iF Design Award here.

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