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Portfolio The innovative sun awning and glass roof system in one: Lewens Murano Integrale Z.

Sun protection and glass roof in one.

Enjoying your garden all year round and in every type of weather: this is possible with the Murano Integrale Z. This glass roof with integrated zip awning is the perfect protection against all weather conditions, also for large areas. We designed this innovative product for sunscreen manufacturer Lewens.


We have already developed various sun awnings and glass roofs for Lewens in the past, but the next challenge was to integrate these products with each other. This will have a few benefits: the consumer no longer has to buy 2 products separately and also the system can be built up faster and easier. Lewens also wanted the canvas to be ZIP-based, which means that the screen is stretched on the sides. This ensures that no wind can get under the fabric and that no light gaps arise.


The Murano Integrale Z has become a modular system that can be produced in all kinds of different sizes. With a maximum surface area of ​​35 square meters the profiles require a certain stiffness. This is achieved through the choice of materials and smart construction. The drainage of rainwater has also been considered; the water can run off through the rafters, rain gutter and the inside of the legs.


By diligently thinking about the construction of this product, most sub-assemblies can already be assembled in the factory. Because of this assembling the system in the field is a breeze, giving this system an advantage over its competitors.

Once built, the Murano Integrale Z is plug and play: the fabric can be controlled by using a remote control.

Award winning design

For 18 years, the established Plus X Award labels have provided market guidance and meaningful recommendations on which product or service to buy. In today's markets it is more important than ever to support consumers in their purchasing decision and these seals help them do that.

In 2021 we received the Plus X Seals for the categories High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality for our Murano Integrale ZIP. Check out our page in the Plus X Hall of Fame here. We are proud that our products are worthy of these awards!

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