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The Timer Thermostat.

The Timer thermostat was created to be used in rooms whose user is not the one who pays the energy bill. Together with Fabrique, Essent, a large Dutch energy company, has made a modern thermostat for this very situation.


Smart thermostats are hot right now (or cool, depending on the setting). Almost every household has one. For this reason, Essent asked us to redesign their smart Timer thermostat to ensure it has the latest look and the best interface.

Essent oude thermostaat


The Timer thermostat has, as its name suggests, a timer which causes the thermostat to switch back to a lower temperature after a certain time period. Depending on the version the user chooses, the timer can be set by hand or it can be equipped with a movement sensor which notices if there are people in the room or not. For the new design, we investigated all the options that the existing timer gave us. As the functions and contents of the thermostat were already fixed, we focused on designing a modern yet timeless case which was able to house all the existing components.


A thermostat with a fresh look that is better adapted to the present day and to its users’ needs.

Timer Thermostaat huiskamer

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