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Railing table for balconies

Balkontafels.nl believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the sun on his or her balcony. To pursue this vision, they offer a unique table for balcony owners. The table is easy to mount onto the railing of your balcony and offers 6 spots for people to sit around.


Balkontafels.nl has a successful design for the balcony table described above. However, they wanted to greatly reduce the assembly time for this product. Fabrique Invent was asked to look at the product at a detailed level and to research ways in which time can be saved during the production process.


By converting the design into a construction of aluminum profiles we have simplified the assembly process. The structure inside the product has improved, without changing the look and feel of the table. Small design changes lead to the steps required to assemble the product being done quicker. For example, all screws and screw holes are now always in the right place and the positioning of the reinforcing crossbar is integrated in the front and rear profile. Besides optimizing the assembling, this change also made the table much stronger and made it able to handle more loads. A win-win situation!


A railing table for balconies with much easier and quicker assembly, without changing the character and appearance of the product.

By looking at the structure and core of a product again, small adjustments can be made, so that the design is optimized. You can read more about the product optimization process on our Services page.

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