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The safest scaffolding ladder.

POWERSTAIRS contributes to modern and safe construction work at a (low) height. Their latest innovation in working securely on construction sites has now been introduced.


Sometimes an innovation is so simple it makes you gasp. In this case, it’s a staircase on a scaffold. Two entrepreneurs came to us with this simple concept and asked us to elaborate on their raw idea.


The design of this ladder is based on weight, strength stiffness and modularity. The modularity of the ladder ensures that larger variants can easily be produced. The ladder staircase is mounted on the scaffold; as a result, the ladder can never be dangerously far from the scaffold. As an extra safety precaution, the ladder can be fitted with a handrail.


A staircase that not only allows you to climb up the scaffolding safely, but also functions as an additional support arm for the scaffold itself. Many batches of the scaffold ladder have been produced already and it is available for sale in various stores.

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