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Grass in the spotlights.

SGL develops grow lights which can be implemented on grass fields used for all kinds of sports, ranging from football to golf. Most stadiums don’t get enough sunlight on a yearly basis to allow stable grass (re)growth. Grow lights help allow the grass to grow and achieve a consistent and healthy grass coverage across the entire surface; all year around.


SGL was looking for a smaller and handier version of their existent grow light (the larger BU50), to treat smaller areas on the field. For example the corners of a soccer field, these are relatively small areas where a lot of action happens in one place. Fabrique was asked to design a grow light which is suited for these smaller areas that can be implemented quickly and easily for spot treatment.


Because the housing of the BU10 exists out of the same aluminium profile as the former designed and produced BU50, the time-to-market for this product was very short. The three legs of the BU10 can be retracted and attached tot the bottom of the lamp. Because of this the grow light is very easy to transport. On both ends of the lamp there are handles, so with two persons the BU10 can easily be carried into a corner of the field. The lamp also consists a standard plug, so that it’s accessible in any situations.


Like its name suggests, the BU10 can reach an area with its lamp up to 10 square meter. The lamp reaches high lighting levels to recover damaged grass quick and powerful. This grow light has become a very user-friendly and lightweight system.

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