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The flatpack fooballtable.

It is time for a revolution in the world of football tables. The idea of ​​making a design football table made entirely made out of sheet metal is something that has never been done before.


Create a football table that can be shipped as a flat package and that can be assembled by the customer at home using standard tools. The football table also has to be adjustable, when for example used on an uneven surface.


By creating a design in sheet metal with bending patterns on the edges, the flatpack can be assembled by the user him or herself. When all parts have been set, they can be attached to each other with bolts and nuts. The package eventually resulted in having a height of 10 cm, making it easy to ship.

Wherever possible we chose to go with standardized parts, for example the steel rods, ball and grips. This will help keep the price low. The football table is suitable for at home use or for public spaces; customization is a possibility.


The first prototype of the football table stands in our office space in Delft and is a real eye-catcher when customers come by. Who dares to take on our star player Mike?

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