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Lightweight jig for ice skates.

Sharpening your ice skates on a regular basis is very important. After some time the blades automatically become dull. This is something you want to avoid, because it will have impact on your speed, grip and take off during skating.


Design a compact jig for skates which is easy to transport for (semi-) professional skaters.


Due to the lightweight construction, the jig can easily be taken along and used at any location. The jig can be completely disassembled with just an Allenkey and can be packed as a flat pack (also safe for airplanes). This jig is suitable for all types of skates. The easy removable top bar ensures that both skates can be clamped at the same height. The front bar ensures that the skates are even sideways as well.


The jig is made out of 100% aluminum, which means that this product is also fully recyclable. The nice thing about this product is that shorttrack skates can also be sharpened without losing the important bulge in the iron.

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